Asheville Real Estate Sales

The following transfers were filed in the Buncombe County Register of Deeds office March 5-9.

361 Alexander Road, $15,000, Troy Bruce and Carolyn R. Redmon to Mark Anthony and Jessica Michelle Miller

20 Ashley Woods Drive (Lot 3 of Ashley Woods phase 1A), $295,000, Ruben C. and Laris D. Vinas to Thomas J. and Susan G. Richards

362 Riverview Drive (Lot 25), $45,000, Sandler Parker LLC to Robert M. and Claire Elizabeth Bjorkholm

205 View St., $125,000, Dale Trantham and James Edward Brigman to Richard J. and Virginia Rose Wells

6F Ravencroft Lane (Units 46 building F of Ravencroft phase III & garage B building III of Ravrencroft), $98,500, Paul Richard and Geneva Anderson Robinson, Edie May (f. k. a. Pitts) Robinson to Kimberly Rae Mason

Lot 47 of Beaverbrook, $230,000, Constance L. (f. k. a. Constance L. Nuckolls) and Timothy J. Holliday to Deborah W. Stamps

Unit 115 of Beaucatcher House, $98,500, Beaucatcher Condominiums LLC to Frederick Mitchell Pollack

0.26 acre on West Chapel Street, $128,000, David C. and Gladys H. Gilbert to Stephen And Georgina Jones

• Lot 9 of the JB Reese property, $176,500, Gary P. and Paloma R. Cor to Asheley Justin Watkins, Lori Ginn

• Lot 11 of Springtime block E, $140,000, Mary Monica Nolan, Thomas Curran Kilby to Sarah Madeline Hale and Christopher Earl Peterson

• 321 Haywood Road (.575 acre), $165,000, Walter B. Michael Jr. to Alegria Serial LLC

• 25 Sandon Drive (Lot 15), $204,500, Joseph Richard Moorer Jr. to Benkt O. and Inger M. Berg

• .15 acre on Baird St., $305,000, Michael M. and Tiffany D. McDonald to Kenneth Cameron-Bell, Scot Cameron-Bell

• Lot 80B of Pinebrook, Farms, $444,500, Pinebrook Farms LLC to Donald R. and Dana J. Schwartz (fifty percent undivided interest), Joseph J. Krapf III (fifty percent undivided interest)

• 178 Montana Ave., $123,000, Wanda Waddell McMahan to Chad L. Colwell

• 79 Houston St. (Lot 23 block E Arborvale Park), $214,000, Erika N. and Mauricio Villa to Laura G. and Robert J. Hooks Jr.

• Unit 25B of Pinebrook Farms (0.06 acre), $355,000, Pinebrook Farms LLC to Harold and Eleanor R. Levine

• Lots 6-7 of Malverne Hills, $210,000, Robert J. and Lucy C. Schell to Robert M. Koenig

• 87 Cowan Cove Road (0.619 acre), $62,000, State Employees Credit Union to Julia Attemeier

• Lots 1-2 of Laurel Terrace block 9, $3,000, B & T Branch Co. to Joseph and Tonya Powell

• Unit 220 of 32 Broadway Condominiums, $248,000, Mary M. Stewart, Richard Maschal to Theodore and Susan Kimberly Vonkeller

• 58 Bartlett St., $197,000, Aaron and Eleanor Calder Wilson to Douglas Ewen
Buncombe County

• Lot 198 of the Cliffs At Walnut Cove – High Meadows phase 2D, $250,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Putamen LLC

• 453 Crowfields Drive (Cluster AA, Unit 2), $188,000, Brown Killian Littermates LLC to Georgette Love

• Lot 9 section 4 of Glen Cove, $340,000, Michael E. and B. (a. k. a. Elizabeth A.) Sorensen to Patrick S. and Tipton G. Dillingham

• 36 Antler Valley Drive (1 acre), $225,000, Bonnie L. Clifford to Paul M. Schultz

• 15 Twin Ridge Drive (Lot 9 of Sunset Hills phase 1), $43,000, Herman Alan Peterson to James Kenneth Banks

• Lot 9 of Rancho La Mirage, $299,500, Randall L. and Christy A. Nord to Kelly R. and Meredith Parker Springs

• 22 White Ave., $57,000, CitiMortgage Inc. to Greenlife Homes Inc.

• 114 Edwards Ave., $50,000, Securities Acquisition & Servicing LLC to Real Estate Properties of the Carolinas LLC

• 102 Wood Glen Court (Lot 22 of Rockwood Hills), $242,000, Laurie E. Stoker to Travis Lee and Jessi Mae Engeman

• Lot 68 Madeline Ave., $240,000, Natalie Whiteman (f. k. a. Natalie S. Whiteman) and Ellis Sutton Bacon Jr. to Crowningway Properties LLC

• 1999 Hendersonville Road (1 acre, lots 2-7 & a portion of 8 & 10), $1,495,000, Hometrust Bank to Bank of NC

• Lot 21 of Habitat For Humanity, $162,000, Asheville Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Kam Jametta Drummond

• Lot 19 of Habitat For Humanity, $160,000, Asheville Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Tanya Chenise Presha

• Lots 11, 15 & 16 of Amber Knolls, $30,000, Branch B & T Co. to Todd H. and Stephenie Anne Kelly

• 34 Edney Lane (.25 acre), $31,000, Oteen VA Federal Credit Union to Richard C. and Dina M. Sorensen

• Unit CIV-04 of Creekside, $130,000, Deborah A. Hyatt to Donald R. and Marzieh S. Davis

• 611 Emma Road (Lot 3), $75,000, Debra Owens and Phillips N. Lowe, Kathy Owens and Richard A. Lee to Michael Anthony and Tina Owens

• Lot 9 of Beechcrest, $45,000, State Employees Credit Union to Mountain Valley Investments LLC

• Lot 401 block F1 of Biltmore Lake phase 1, $465,000, Diane H. Andrade to William Blake and Ashley E. Cloninger

• Lot 158 Horney Heights, $139,000, Kenneth W. and Mary N. Delano to Sharlene Raines, Sarah E. Stevens

• 95 Bear Hollow Road, $540,000, Michael and Peggy W. Everhart to Stephen K. and Teresa S. Reed

• 44 Merrills Cove Road, $745,000, John Anthony McDermott to Andre J. Macdonald, Virginia C. Hagood

• Lot 23 of the Meadows In the Woods, $177,000, Robert E. and C. Christine Frisbee to the National Residential Nominee Services Inc.

• Lot 23 of the Meadows In the Woods, $172,000, National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Stephanie Hunt-Wood and Christopher T. Wood

• 451 Fairview Road, $158,000, Paula J. McHugh to Laura E. Durkin

• 10 Meadow Brook Drive (Lot 33 of Meadowood II & III), $368,500, Matthew and Christina M. Deloglos to Steven H. and Melanie L. Norman

• 245 Brush Creek Road, $288,000, Estate of Betty Louise Reed, James Anthony and Sherri Owenby Reed, Stephanie Louise Reed and Robert Scott Hall to Patricia H. and Raymond E. Matteson III
Flat Creek

• 518 Jupiter Road (.66 acre), $75,000, Shelby Jean Phillips to Jackie Lynn Edwards
Haw Creek

• 113 Shadowbrook Drive, $120,000, Margaret F. McDaniel to Doris M. Bishop

• 88 Sandy River Road, $120,000, Macon Bank Inc. to Robert Andrew and Chasity Lea Burleson

• Lot 7 of Mountain View block B, $160,000, Mark W. and Shelia E. Cope to Rachel Gailey-Wexler, Josh Wexler

• Lot 198 block B2 of Ramble Biltmore Forest, $110,000, Ramble Biltmore Forest LLC to Mayfair Properties LLC

• Lot 69 block A1 of Ramble Biltmore Forest, $175,000, D. Allen and Drue (c. q.) C. Ray

• Unit 203 of Kyfields Town Homes, $164,500, John P. and Molly S. Burtle to Elizabeth and Roger Alford Jr.

• Lot 18 section 1 of Twin Brook Hills, $250,000, William Blake and Ashley Elizabeth Cloninger to Henry E. Bovee, Paul K. Swann

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